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   We use our wide experience to plan challenging activities . .

It is well known that the greatest changes in our development occur when we are very young and that 80% of out intellect is formed before the age of five. At Focus the staff recognise this and accept the responsibility they have for enabling every child to perform as well as they can. We use our wide experience to plan challenging activities to meet and sometimes exceed the requirements of the Department for Education and skills guidance on the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Just as importantly, the unwritten curriculum, which happens spontaneously, contributes very strongly to our great success and high reputation, especially in the Personal, Social and Emotional Development of the children. We have a strong, clear emphasis on learning through play, self motivation, enquiry and discovery. Play underpins the delivery of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Children have the freedom to access opportunities both inside and outside.

. . care and education. .

Focus Nursery School is under the registration of Linda Burgess and Daniel Albin and provides outstanding care and education for the children. The Nursery was established in 1994 by the previous owner. It is now currently owned by Linda Burgess and Daniel Albin who took over in September 2005. All of the staff at Focus Nursery School hold a huge variety of current and up to date qualifications which are also available upon request and are situated within the operational plan inside Focus.

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At Focus we believe that Early Years Practitioners must:

  • Provide opportunities for children to engage in activities planned by adults and also those that they plan or initiate themselves.
  • Be able to observe and respond appropriately to children, informed by a knowledge of how children develop and learn and have a clear understanding of possible next steps in their development and learning by reflecting on children's spontaneous play.
  • Provide well-planned, purposeful activity and appropriate intervention by practitioners will engage children in the learning process and help them make progress in their learning.
  • Provide rich and stimulating experiences. The learning environment is well planned and well organised.
  • Provide the structure for teaching within which children explore, experiment, plan, make decisions for themselves thus enabling them to learn, develop and make good progress.
  • Extend and develop children's language and communication in their play and interacton with others
  • Above all, effective learning and development for young children requires high quality care and education by practitioners.

We have a range of relevant policies, procedures and documentation available for you to read if you wish.

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