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We are proud of the range of stimulating activities we provide for the children to access as recommended by the Early Years Foundation Stage. AllGroup involvement the children in the country, from 0 - 6 years old, work towards the same Early Learning Goals within the Early Years foundation Stage. There are seven areas of learning and the goals for each area are outlined overleaf. We tailor our planning cycle very carefully to include each of the areas throughout each term.

Each member of staff plans relevant activities for the group for the session. The rest of the session is planned each week by the staff and children, and continually updated to include their interests and next steps for their learning which meets the needs of every child.

Our weekly plan is an ongoing working document for everyone to view and all other planning documentation is available for you to see when requested.

The most important area of Personal, Social and Emotional Development is catered for particularly well with the unwritten curriculum that affects what the staff do spontaneously to help the children to develop confidence, a positive attitude towards learning, and a strong sense of identity.

Ingredients for Early Learning

Focus Activities Plan

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